Women’s list started the year

The first meeting of the women’s list of kronach in the new year was dominated by the upcoming municipal elections. There were practical questions, most of which had already been discussed in small circles. Now decisions had to be made in the community: lists of candidates for the city and the state had to be drawn up, placements had to be discussed and posters had to be put up. There was still time for a few topics from the district.

As a date for the awarding of the "golden apple, the first meeting of the women’s list of kronach was held on saturday, 8 a.M., and was marked by the upcoming municipal elections. February, at 11 a.M. In the former synagogue in the johannes-nikolaus-zitter-strabe in kronach set.

Councilwoman angela degen pointed out the opening hours of the youth and culture cafe struwwelpeter. "Ware it is not expected that just such a youth facility is open during the vacations?", so her question. The opening hours of the "struwwels but were only valid for the school period. The question of when a youth facility is more popular, during school hours or during the vacations, is inevitable? In and of itself both would be important. But especially during the vacation season there is a lack of possibilities to meet under one roof in kronach.

In kronach there is a lack of opportunities for loose meetings, for talking and for dancing. Young people are looking for an affordable place to spend their free time. "Girls would like to learn to dance, dance schools are too expensive", tells verena alt, who remembers a survey of young girls about leisure activities in kronach. When young people come to kronach in the next few years as part of the planned campus, there will be a lot to do. Young parents also missed z.B. An indoor playground for rainy days.

Ingrid neder-guth again reminded of the issue of light pollution, especially at the parking lot and bicycle parking area at the "auberen ring" school grounds, where, in her view, the bright overhead lighting, which is not necessary, is a nuisance to residents throughout the night.