Wiesenbronn hawker’s store opens again

Wiesenbronn hawker's store opens again

One thing is the local supply. The other the social component. Since june 2019 both were missing. But now there is good news in wiesenbronn: on 2. October there is a new start. The kramerladen, which has been closed for over a year, is to become a lively village center again.

Anyone currently passing by kleinlangheimer strabe 1 will be amazed at the hustle and bustle of the store. Two cousins – christiane potzl (30) and claudia djuren (37) from the wiesenbronn "wehrwein clan" – will jointly manage the shop in the future and are already on site on a daily basis. Together with many volunteers, they painted the walls, cleaned the windows and scrubbed the shelves. And there is still a lot of work to be done before the reopening of the store, which – as before – will not only offer food and everyday items, but also fresh bakery and butcher goods (bronner and bausewein), a post office and – this is new – probably even a small coffee corner, "if we get permission for it".

Burgermeister volkhard warmdt looks very satisfied. That’s how he sounds: "i’m really proud of wiesenbronn," he says. "The number of volunteers who come in every day to help – that’s great."The new managers of the kramerladen are also delighted with the community spirit: "we are so happy that so many people are helping us spontaneously and on a voluntary basis," says claudia djuren. "Our goal is to make the kramerladen a nice meeting place for the local people and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages."

"The roughest stones on the way have been cleared away," adds christiane potzl. She is a bakery saleswoman by profession and has so far worked at the iphofen bakery bronner. Together with her cousin claudia djuren, she has dreamed of opening her own business since she was a little girl: "at grandma’s dinner table, we used to talk about how we were a good team."

The cousins will not be completely independent in the future, but as salaried managers they will definitely be able to make their mark on the village store. Claudia djuren, who until then had worked in the office and in sales at the roth winery, was a member of the interest group from the beginning, which had the goal of reviving the store. "However, at the beginning i didn’t think at all that i could do it myself."Over time, however, the kramerladen has increasingly become a "matter of the heart," says djuren. "And when the suggestion came from the IG that i could take on responsibility here, i thought: together with christiane, that would really be a nice thing to do."

The duo consulted not only with mayor warmdt, but also with edelgard opfermann, who was the good soul of the kramerladen for decades. "Edelgard always helps us when we have a question. Her heart for the store continues to beat and we are very happy that it does," says christiane potzl.

Also mayor volkhard warmdt is very active in the background. "There was and still is a lot of bureaucracy to deal with," he clarifies. A former resident of wiesenbronn, who lives most of the time in the united states, bought the house at kleinlangheimer strabe 1 at an auction. She was, however, especially interested in the apartment above the store. "When it became clear that the people of wiesenbronn wanted their kramerladen back, we talked it over – frank ackermann was the driving force behind it," reports warmdt. The result is a joint ownership lottery: the house has been divided up by a notary public, and the municipality will acquire the first floor – the store. "We first put out a call for bids and determined how we envisioned the future of the store and how much rent we would charge: 500 euros a month."It was also necessary to found a UG – entrepreneurial company. Its manager is the mayor; anyone who invests at least 200 euros can become a silent partner in the "kramerladen wiesenbronn UG".

Volkhard warmdt hopes that not only many citizens will participate in the UG, but also that the people of wiesenbronn and the residents of the surrounding communities will shop more intensively in wiesenbronn in the future. "The store lives from its customers, everyone must be aware of that."

Christiane potzl and claudia djuren are not afraid of the future. They have already hired a butcher’s assistant and a part-time employee, and they plan to hire more employees depending on the popularity of the customers. "We are already noticing a bit that the village is becoming the center of the village again and that many people just drop by," says claudia djuren. Christiane potzl adds: "we are looking forward to everyone and everything that is coming, and we are incredibly grateful that our families, through their support, are giving us the opportunity to fill the kramerladen with life again."

Opening: from the 2. The kramerladen in the center of wiesenbronn is to be completely open again by november at the latest: with a bakery and butcher’s counter as well as a post office.