Veste coburg proud of its youth

At the upper franconian indoor youth championships, four participants from the U10 youth team of TC veste coburg reached the semifinals. So it was clear that the new upper franconian champion in this age group would come from the city on the west coast of germany.

The semifinals were played by nils schluter and oskar hepp as well as daniel roos and ben fischer. Finally, nils schluter and daniel roos played for the tournament victory, with schluter having the upper hand. The quartet has been playing together very successfully since 2017.

In their first year they became champions of the U9 in upper franconia, in the following year they failed in the semifinals with a draw against TC hallstadt, after they had won their group with 12:0 points and 132:12 match points sovereignly.

Also in the upper franconian championships since 2017, one of the young players of TC veste coburg has always been the winner, and in addition they have four times won the second place and just as often the third place in the competition.

The team, which is coached by veste coach daniel roos, is starting the upcoming summer season with the same ambition.