Veitlahmer complains: we surf too slowly

Veitlahmer complains: we surf too slowly

The tables in the donkey barn in veitlahm were full on monday evening: 30 visitors came to the burgers’ meeting because they needed to talk. The residents of the mainleus suburb are particularly concerned about fast internet, and not long ago a long-cherished wish was fulfilled – the traffic light in the center of mainleus.
"In the past, veitlahm often asked for a way to cross the federal highway safely", said mayor robert bosch (CSU). In the meantime, the markings for turners and a straight ahead arrow have been installed, so that there can be no misunderstandings.
In order to reduce pollution caused by dog excrement, the market had dog toilets installed – also at the patersberg parking lot. "If that proves to be the case, we are open to further site proposals," he said, according to bosch.
The mayor is convinced that veitlahm offers good food and drink. That’s why they tried to get the village recognized as a "bavarian place of pleasure," she said to get. "Unfortunately we did not get to the train", deplored bosch. "But for us veitlahm is a place of pleasure."
He also pointed out that the surface water channel at steinloch and patersbergweg needs to be renewed. This will probably happen in 2019.
Speaking of steinloch: unauthorized garden waste has been deposited there in the gorge. The consequence: "now the road will be closed off there." According to bosch, garden waste belongs either in the composting plant or in the bio garbage can.
The community continues to focus on the patersberg nature trail and is trying to realize it through a demand program.
During the discussion, florian geyer complained about speeders between the fire station and the cemetery. He called for a limit of speed 30 in the area.
According to mayor bosch, this is a county road, for which the county is responsible. "I will pass on the wish", he assured.

The second attempt

ABL councillor erich luthardt, also a veitlamm resident, explained that he had already made a similar request about eight to ten years ago – without success. "But it is no harm if we try again." He also pointed out that on the route there is a bus shelter for children. "That too would be an argument for speed 30."
Elisabeth schulze then addressed the topic of broadband expansion and fast internet. "There’s a box like that, but nothing gets through to us", she said. Only for several hundred euros you can stay connected, I have kept it. Similar problem with stephan nestmann: "only 2500 KB arrive at my end", he complained.
Mayor bosch explained, one must examine the individual case, but since veitlahm is relatively well supplied by kabel deutschland, it could well be that properties do not fall into the demand area. Because the requirement only applies if less than 30 mbit is available. "We will check whether the telekom had to provide a higher bandwidth."
Irmgard dietel from the strabe waldesruh is completely without internet. But that could change: "waldesruh is included in the tender for the further development", says bosch. But we have to wait and see if we can close the gap with the means at our disposal.

What is the effect of the uni?

Elisabeth schulze still asked about the mayor’s expectations with regard to the development of the neighboring town of kulmbach into a university location.
Robert bosch is convinced that the surrounding area, and thus mainleus, will also benefit. "We have a good connection to kulmbach and are not far away", he said. There is already a high demand for apartments.