Start of the new school year in the district of bad kissingen

Start of the new school year in the district of bad kissingen

Parents run with long lists through stationery stores, in secretariats tweak the timetable and the state education office distributes the last teacher hours: at the end of the summer vacations, preparations are underway for the first day of the new school year next tuesday. For 753 abc students it is the very first day of school in their lives. A total of 3120 children start classes at the 21 state elementary schools and the kissori learning center.

The number of elementary school students decreases minimally by 1.3 percent: last year there were 3162 elementary school students. "This is probably the enrollment corridor", school councilor cornelia krodel refers to the new regulation, according to which bavarian parents are free for the first time to decide whether to enroll a child who is between 1. July and 30. September six years old. According to a survey by the district office, 85 of 223 children were deferred, which corresponds almost exactly to the decline in the number of abc students.

The number of students at secondary schools has remained almost the same: 1764 last school year, and the education authority expects 1768 in the coming school year. After the elimination of the middle schools in euerdorf, schondra and nudlingen in recent years, this year the number of middle schools remains stable at eleven. "All elementary and middle school locations will be retained", emphasizes school councilor krodel. In bad bocklet, only the 7th grade is enrolled. Class gone, the schools are taught in bad kissingen with. The middle schools form four associations: the largest unites bad kissingen, oberthulba, burkardroth and bad bocklet, in the west langendorf and hammelburg work together, in the north wildflecken and bad bruckenau, in the east munnerstadt and mabbach. Oerlenbach cooperates with poppenhausen in the schweinfurt district. A new feature at the middle school is that computer science lessons start in the 5th grade. Grade.

Good staffing

"We are well provided for", the school councilor comments on staffing levels. In the elementary schools, there is a sufficiently large mobile reserve to compensate for long-term sick leave in particular. There is also such a mobile reserve for the middle school "but not to the extent that we had hoped for," says jorg muller. The number of classes will be slightly reduced: from 158 to 153 in elementary schools and from 94 to 91 in middle schools. The average number of students per class will increase from 18.4 to 20.4 in the elementary schools and from 18.3 to 19.4 in the middle schools.

In the district of bad kissingen, eight of the 21 elementary schools offer mixed-grade instruction. In the "flexible elementary schools in bad bocklet, burkardroth, motten and wartmannsroth, children can move to the 3rd grade after one, two or three years, depending on their learning progress. Pre-printing the first class. In addition, three elementary schools and three middle schools offer daycare, and eight elementary schools and six middle schools offer open all-day care. The offer is supplemented by lunchtime care and after-school care.

The 785 children who left elementary school at the end of the last school year will be distributed more or less evenly among the three types of school next week: according to information from the schools, 246 registered at the four grammar schools in the district and 243 at the three junior high schools, while 296 funfklassler remain at the eleven middle schools.

For all of lower franconia, the district government reports 10498 abc-schutzen this year. Government president eugen ehmann appeals to all adult road users to keep a particularly watchful eye on schoolchildren at the start of the school year and to behave in an exemplary manner as pedestrians. Parents of future first-graders should also familiarize themselves with the school route in good time. "The shortest route to school does not have to be the safest", the government of lower franconia emphasizes. In addition, the school route should be followed under real conditions, i.E. Not at weekends or when there is little traffic.

Many tips for starting school also come from health insurance companies: jorg muller, head of the DAK service center, advises, for example, that the school bag should not weigh much more than ten percent of the body weight. This is not so easy with books, exercise books, pencil case, water bottle and sometimes a sports bag, so check the weight and contents daily and get rid of excess ballast. To prevent posture problems, parents should also pay attention to the child’s strength and coordination. In addition, the satchel should fit properly: "it must lie close to the body, be level with the shoulder and not go much lower than the waist", advice from the health insurance fund.

Good nutrition and exercise

"If you can’t get anything down in the morning, you should at least drink a glass of juice or milk", says jorg muller on the subject of food. During the break you can have a big breakfast – ideally wholemeal bread with cheese, fruit or vegetables and a low-sugar drink. A break should also include plenty of exercise. In addition, the DAK points out that every second schoolchild experiences stress and that many even become ill as a result.