Solbakken waives novakovic in training camp

Solbakken waives novakovic in training camp

Apart from novakovic, who has only scored four times this season, andrezinho, kevin pezzoni and petit were also not allowed to take part in a two-day training camp in marienfeld in eastern westphalia, which was arranged at short notice.

It was a very short statement that solbakken made at geibbockheim. He spoke to the media for only about ten minutes and, with frustration still present, expressed his anger at the premature reports on sunday of his supposed leave of absence and his replacement by former FC coach frank schaefer.

The "drastic changes" announced by claus horstmann, chairman of the FC management, are limited, however. The four professionals who were not considered for the time being are to "think things over" and may well get their chance again after the game on saturday against werder bremen, solbakken said.

Solbakken only half-heartedly explains why the quartet is not allowed to go to east westphalia with him. His instructions for the two training sessions on tuesday, on the other hand, were quite clear: both the training session at the franz kremer stadium in the kolner grungurtel and the afternoon session were closed to the public. Privacy screen kept curious people from looking at the turf and lukas podolski and co. From. Security guards made sure that nothing unauthorized happened.

"In this situation, only 1 pays. FC koln," solbakken had previously said. It remained open whether the norwegian had any thoughts of entrusting his former captain podolski with the office of captain again before a possible change of club. The national striker is the outstanding FC man on the pitch, and not just because of his 17 goals so far this season, alongside goalkeeper michael rensing. A large proportion of koln’s professionals have recently lacked absolute first league fitness.