“Solar park untersteinach” comes

"The approval process also calls for citizen participation and the incorporation and provision of compensation areas", said mayor heinz burges. Jurgen laaber noted: "if the open-air facility is built, we have to make sure it doesn't come too close to the development."

Contribution to the energy transition

"Flat consumption is just too rough for me. Too much nature is being blocked here for the energy turnaround, which is why we, as untersteinach residents, should not approve it, objected reiner seiffert (CSU). Alfred viebmann (WGU) said: every community must contribute to the intended energy transition. For our community, this is the only opportunity that presents itself.

Hans-peter rohrlein (CSU) agreed with viebmann, but said that the last gateway to untersteinach, which still has an intact landscape, would be blocked. "The legislator certainly did not mean that flat areas located on a single-track railroad line could be used for this purpose.", emphasized rohrlein.