Shining humanity radiates far beyond two decades

shining humanity radiates far beyond two decades

On friday, district administrator wilhelm schneider awarded helmar hohn the medal of the order of merit of the federal republic of germany. On behalf of federal president franz-walter steinmeier, district administrator wilhelm schneider presented the certificate and medal in his office.

"You are an admirable man, you have done a great thing, because you have sacrificed yourself for the well-being of your family and ensured that your wife was cared for until her death where she felt most comfortable – namely at home", stressed schneider. The district administrator was pleased to be able to award helmar hohn for his dedication, energy, perseverance and his big heart.

"Her work was invaluable not only for her wife, but also for our society", schneider said "if family care had to be replaced by the state system, it would collapse."

From one day to the next

The family’s life changed from one day to the next after the stroke in 1994. Christel hohn was suddenly in need of care at the age of 52. Helmar hohn accepted the challenge. Putting his wife in a care facility was never an option for him. Instead, he took care of his wife himself, so that she could live in her familiar surroundings and be integrated into the family. The efforts and privations that this has entailed can only be imagined by the observer.

At first, christel hohn could still walk with a cane. Everything else was almost impossible due to his severely limited motor skills. This meant for helmar hohn that he had to manage alone in his basket trade. In addition, he took over the household, from cleaning and washing to shopping and cooking; his daughters heike and elke helped him. Helmar hohn has been by the side of his wife in all the activities of daily life. Alongside the district administrator, hohn, member of the state parliament steffen vogel and burgermeister bernhard rub.