Rollers and sacks full of gauze

Rollers and sacks full of gauze

Forchheim’s first plogging run of the year took place with the support of the junge burgers (LB) heroldsbach. Under the motto "plogging forchheim – from the city to the district" 35 runners from young to old, who collected mull, were there with spab.

The participants met at the hirtenbachhalle in heroldsbach and had a common goal in mind: to do good for themselves and the environment. It was divided into two groups. The group with the younger children started out with a handcart and walked along a short route in the center of heroldsbach. The second squad headed towards poppendorf along the bundesstrabe and back through heroldsbach to the hirtenbachhalle.

A lot of things came together, and one was surprised what one didn’t find: from leftovers from the carnival procession to empty bottles and plastic, there was a lot of stuff. Many things that were carelessly disposed of simply did not decompose on their own in the environment.

For the participants there was a surprise after the run, a well-deserved lunch in the hirtenbachhalle. From the young burgers heroldsbach there were wiener with bread as well as warm and cold free drinks donated, in order to thank the runners and their contribution wurdigen.

Conclusion from jurgen schleicher from heroldsbach: "we are very happy to support ‘forchheim plogging’, and we think it is a great thing that more and more people are thinking about their environment. We should all work together more and pull together." Organizer matthias hosch said: "we are already looking forward to the next plogging run on the 14th of august. Marz, meeting point parking lot herder-halle." As a small surprise the bavarian television had announced itself.