Playground steinberg: relocation of the equipment was just a rumor

"Ropeway and rings. I can’t decide", finn answers the question, what is his favorite game device?. The six-year-old can’t think about it for long, because lilly, alicia and emilia are already approaching again. The next ride on the cable car is calling.

Instead, the mothers, who are probably watching the whole thing from a bank, are thinking about the future of the steinberg playground. "Here it is already great. Nice equipment and the possibility to go sometimes in the shade", says one. And the other of the two women who drove from wilhelmstahl to the neighboring town of steinberg to let their offspring romp around in the strabe hoiese, adds: "the fence around the outside divides the place well from the strabe."

A rumor went around

Should this beautiful and quiet place soon no longer be a playground? This rumor was going around in steinberg – and the two mothers from wilhelmsthal had also heard about it. After the expiration of a ten-year lease with the municipality of wilhelmsthal, the owner wanted to sell the land and the equipment had to move, it was learned. A new location at the kronachtalhalle was being considered. "There it was not so already", the two mothers report on the playground early tuesday afternoon.

But as is often the case with rumors: this payoff is only half the truth. "The playground in steinberg remains where it is", mayor susanne grebner (SPD) makes it unequivocally clear on inquiry. "It is true that the owner has sold. To the community of wilhelmsthal."

Since 2007, a ten-year lease agreement between the owner and the municipality has been in effect. After its expiry, there were talks between the mayor and the heirs of the now deceased owner.

"We got a good price, that was a fair offer", says susanne grebner. "I am very happy that the playground in the center of the village will be preserved."

Pre-contract 2017 decided

Back in 2017, the municipal council passed a notarized preliminary agreement in a non-official meeting, which came into effect in 2018.

"In terms of playgrounds, we are well positioned in the municipality of wilhelmsthal", finds grebner. With the exception of eibenberg, there is an extra public place for children in each of the eight parts of the municipality. "Whether there can also be one there in the future, we are currently clarifying in the course of our considerations within the framework of the community development concept."

The mayoress also asks the local communities for help. "The municipality can provide a certain amount for the construction of a playground. Around it, there is often a great deal of initiative on the part of private individuals and, not infrequently, generous donations from associations."

Because building the playground is not the end of the story. Once a year, the devices are inspected by the statutory accident insurance (guv). Grebner: "when defects occur, the employees of the building yard try to repair them. If this is not possible, the equipment must be dismantled."

And then there was the maintenance of the grunflachen. According to grebner, this is usually done by voluntary organizations or associations in the municipal area. For example the playground friends in lahm, the fire department in rosslach or the bowling department in wilhelmsthal.

Only the playground in steinberg, which is now owned by the municipality, is maintained by employees of the building yard. "After the successful purchase, it would be very nice if volunteers could be found", hopes grebner.