Player in hospital after heart attack

Initial fears have been confirmed: the turk gucu schweinfurt player who collapsed during his club’s soccer match against untereisenheim on wednesday evening (we reported) has suffered a heart attack. He is still in the intensive care unit of a hospital in schweinfurt, where he was brought after the collapse.

The untereisenheimer were wednesday evening guests of FV turk gucu in the willy-sachs-stadium. Because many of the hosts’ players are on vacation in turkey, eleven senior players had to help out in the first half. The eisenheimers had an easy time of it and drove off in the 71st street. Minute already 8:0, when on the lawn the tragedy was brewing. The 38-year-old bahtiyar M., a quarter of an hour earlier, complained of indisposition.

The turk-gucu officials immediately gave him the opportunity for substitution, but the player collapsed while still on the field. An emergency doctor called immediately treated the married father of two small children on the spot. Turk-gucu chairman orhan duvan confirmed to this newspaper on thursday morning: "he had a heart attack and is still in intensive care."

Since turk gucu’s players are still in shock, the club can’t think about football at the moment: "that’s why we’ve canceled next week’s games," duvan said.