New start after the fire in kehlbach

New start after the fire in kehlbach

The move is complete, but some boxes are still standing around. It literally smells like a new start in the commercial building, with an integrated production and storage hall. Dominik trebes breathes a sigh of relief. He hopes, now for calmer months and years. He hopes to be able to take more care of his company, his orders and his customers. He is also confident that he will be able to spend more time with his family.

One million euros in damage

It was the 15. January 2016, a cold winter’s day, when the sirens sounded in kehlbach in the afternoon. Both dominik trebes’ house and the media factory integrated into it were on fire. Charred machinery and equipment, ripped-out dams, everything was ruined. The damage amounted to around one million euros. Both the home and the commercial premises were no longer habitable or usable within a few hours.

"We were down, but after the shock we recovered relatively quickly", dominik trebes remembers. After days of bewilderment, the question was: "to rebuild or not to rebuild?? Should I continue to earn a living as a self-employed person??"

In the end, the family decided to rebuild and thus to remain independent in his home village. Independent because "I can be creative and pursue my own goals. In addition, according to the young entrepreneur, he has 15 employees who identify themselves with the company.

"Nothing left to save"

Just a few weeks after the fire, the "leftovers" were of the residential and commercial building removed. "It had to be, there was nothing more to save!" A new residential building has now been erected on the same site. In addition, a 600 square meter industrial hall with office, sanitary facilities, production and storage areas was built in only three months.

The 34-year-old can be proud of what he has achieved so far. He has been self-employed for 16 years. Initially, he produced only print products, such as flyers and posters for clubs and parties. His tools of the trade were a computer and a DIN/A3 printer. In the years that followed, he created another mainstay for himself with textile finishing and the acquisition of an embroidery machine and a textile printer. In the meantime, however, the focus has shifted to the finishing of packaging in the plastic, wood and glass sectors. "I never thought it would turn out like this!". Dominik trebes speaks of full order books, of the fact that customers are almost coming of their own accord at the moment.

Dominik trebes did not want to experience a fire in which his existence was destroyed in literally just a few minutes. But, he says, looking back, he has made experiences that have shaped his life, for example with the insurance companies, with the craftsmen, he explains. The management of the regularities associated with the damage settlement and reconstruction was not easy, especially since important documents were destroyed in the fire. He has made countless phone calls and experienced many short nights.

Grateful for the willingness to help

But he also speaks of the cohesion in his family and in the village community. He is still surprised today at how many citizens helped him clean up and rebuild after the flames had gone out. "Such a willingness to help probably only exists in a small village."

Trebes finds words of praise for the former district administrator oswald marr, district administrator klaus loffler (steinbach) and mayor timo ehrhardt (ludwigsstadt), who supported him so that he could rebuild his existence. Ehrhardt was also the one who found him the former carpenter’s shop in his town so that he could carry on his business until he moved into his new premises. And he is pleased that the new mayor of the municipality of steinbach am wald, thomas loffler, will continue to support him within the scope of his possibilities.

And did the fire change his life? "Yes, despite the horror, I am grateful that no one was hurt." The fire had made him mature personally. But he had also become aware of how quickly everything can be over. Now he is looking forward to his new rooms, the capacities of which are expected to be exhausted soon. And what was his first official act in his new company?? Dominik trebes laughs and says, "i installed smoke detectors!"