New route proposals: marktgraitz councillors disappointed

New route proposals: Marktgraitz councillors disappointed

Once again, the municipal councils voted unanimously against all possible power lines.
The reason for the renewed discussion was the confirmation of the grid development plan for electricity 2030 by the federal network agency. All previously known variants of the P44 and the P44 mod were confirmed in it. For the P44 project, including the originally proposed alternative, the following alternatives are now confirmed: P44: altenfeld to grafenrheinfeld, P44 mod: altenfeld past redwitz via wurgau to ludersheim, P44 mod variant 2: altenfeld via remptendorf past redwitz via wurgau to ludersheim, P44 mod variant 2+: remptendorf past redwitz via wurgau to ludersheim, P44 mod variant 3: altenfeld via remptendorf past redwitz to mechlenreuth, P44 mod variant 4: altenfeld via schalkau past redwitz to mechlenreuth. The p44 mod and the p44 mod variant 4 even mean a further upgrade of the just completed 380 kv line from the bavaria/thuringia state border to the redwitz substation.
This resulted in either the erection of higher masts or a new line running parallel to the current route. "Here, unfortunately, one lacks the imagination", derived 2. Burgermeister georg bulling (CSU). Apparently, the federal network agency wants to leave the decision on the various options to the politicians. "We are against these routes", the local councillors once again gave vent to their displeasure on this issue.
The other variants also went directly past mannsgereuth, marktgraitz and redwitz. Only the first possibility might be feasible. The committee agreed that it is important to be vigilant so that one can react and not be presented with a fait accompli.