Municipality mahs twice a year

In order to conserve the ditch bed in the municipal area, the adelsdorfer grunen have submitted a request to the municipality to no longer carry out the mowing process called "schlegeln" twice a year, but only every three years. The background for the motion was the "complete destruction of habitats and the associated massive extinction of species by the destruction roller", it says in the letter to mayor karsten fischkal (). The only exception would be in the case of water-bearing ditches, whose functionality must be preserved.
The proposal was discussed in the recent meeting of the building committee and unanimously rejected. According to fischkal, it was decided by a vote of 9:0 to keep the current rotation. The ditches became so dirty with less maintenance that they had to be dredged, explained building yard manager manfred litz, and that was going to drive up the costs significantly. In the spring, only the road shoulders (traffic safety) and the water-flowing ditches (flood protection) will be filled in. In autumn, all the ditches in the municipal area (about 600 km) will be dragged. Total costs amount to around 37,000 euros per year.
At the very least, however, the chairmen of the hunting associations should be asked whether there are any areas that do not need to be hauled so frequently.