Man with toy gun triggers police action

On monday morning, the operations center of the police prasidium of upper franconia received a report that a fubganger was on the move with a rifle in the schweinfurter strabe/am leinritt area of bamberg. The witness’s observation subsequently triggered a large-scale manhunt for the man in the city center of bamberg, involving a large number of patrols from the bamberg city police department and neighboring departments.

Patrolman apprehends suspect

After about 15 minutes, another identical message was received about the location of the man in the kleberstrabe, he was finally caught a short time later by a police patrol under the chain bridge. Since it was still unclear whether the object carried was a live weapon, the man was first restrained and handcuffed by the emergency services.


However, it quickly became clear during the investigation that the object was a black plastic toy machine gun. According to his own statements, the 26-year-old resident of the anchor facility in upper franconia had found the toy in the mull shortly before and taken it with him. Because of the driving of a so-called apparent weapon, the 26-year-old is now being investigated for a misdemeanor according to the weapons law.