Mainleus: a “diska” will soon be here

Mainleus: a 'diska' will soon be here

On the whole it looks not bad with the shopping possibilities in mainleus. Even an expert opinion on the supply situation confirms this for the municipality. No wonder: in the past few years, a number of different brands have set up shop: aldi, netto, lidl, to name just a few of the major players. In addition, the close to the city of kulmbach. Now a diska store is being built on the site of the former edeka store. The demolition work is completed, on the land this week the demolition material lay neatly sorted ready for removal.

However, the relatively rough offer should not be allowed to obscure the fact that all of the markers are located on the outskirts of the town. There is currently no shopping opportunity in the center of mainleus, as mayor robert bosch (CSU) also regrets: "of course, we would have preferred a full-range grocery store in the center of town, but those are the laws of the market, he says with a view to the settlements of the coarse stores in the periphery.

That is why he has set his sights on locating a food retailer on the spinning mill site. Whether it works? "The breakthrough is not yet there. But it is a goal for which we are committed", bosch insurance. He is convinced that "a food market will revitalize the center of the town." This was the case in the past, when there was an edeka on konrad-popp-square, i.E. In a central location. Later a rewe moved in there.

Even though the new diska is once again located on the outskirts of town, it is still within easy reach for many people – for those who live in the western part of mainleus and for the people of schwarzach, whose village is only a stone’s throw away. In addition, the location is directly on the federal highway. In fact, the location is quite central, with a view of the entire community, bosch notes. Therefore, he welcomes the settlement, because it represents a further contribution to the food supply.

The mainleuser edeka store in burgkunstadter strabe closed its doors at the beginning of 2020. Nevertheless, the landowner, the edeka group of companies in northern bavaria-saxony-thuringia, wanted to hold on to the site.

Now that the market has been demolished, construction of a new building is about to begin. At the end of the year, diska, which is a subsidiary of the edeka group of companies in northern bavaria, saxony and thuringia, will open its doors. A full-range store with around 7000 articles for daily needs is being built.

The old edeka had around 800 square meters of flat space and was built in 1998. According to the group of companies, the renovation would have been too expensive, so it was closed last spring. "In april 2020, the building application for the new diska store was submitted, and already on 24. September 2020 the building permit was issued by the licensing authority. We would like to thank the municipal administration for the convenient processing of the election results. In this way, we will probably be able to open the new diska store well before the end of the year and thus ensure local supplies once again", according to martin schedel, area manager expansion of the edeka group of companies in northern bavaria-saxony-thuringia.

Opening in the fourth quarter

Work on the foundation is scheduled to begin in early may. "Completion is scheduled for september of this year. After that, the market must be set up and stocked so that an opening in the middle of the fourth quarter is realistic", according to rene just, project manager of the investor, the construction company W.S. Commercial construction gmbh.

The total market area will be around 1200 square meters, the sales area itself just under 800 square meters. Diska attaches great importance to the regionality of its products in order to support reputable producers. 65 parking spaces are available to customers on the land, including two handicapped parking spaces and two parking spaces for parents and children.