Kulmbach’s sporting successes honored

Numerous exercise leaders who have been doing this work for the association on a voluntary basis for 25 years or more were also honored. And there’s a training manager who’s been doing the job for over 40 years: christiane rogall. Heidesuse wagner apologized right at the beginning of the event, because not all of those to be honored had obviously received the invitation in time: "next year i will do the invitation myself."

Christiane rogall is still in the gym once a week and leads rhythmic gymnastics for women. "The participants came to me at a young age and it is a great group. On average we are about 20 women and it makes me still incredibly much fun." And one who also wrote a piece of successful soccer history at ATS kulmbach in the 1950s is 79-year-old adolf schroder, who was honored for his 60-year affiliation with the BSLV: "at that time, i already played with karl siemko in the 1st division at the age of 18. Team and we won the north bavarian championship. It was a very good time for me as a young footballer and I was the right wing of our team. At that time we trained three times a week." Adolf schroder still remembers an incident after a promotion game: "an envelope with 20 marks was printed in my hand and i was earning only 29 marks a month as a young pen at the time. That was then a vermogen."

District administrator klaus peter sollner () referred in his greeting to the great anniversary celebration of the 150th anniversary of the ATS and noted that the range of sports offered by the ATS is extraordinary. The chairman of the board, heidesuse wagner, was acknowledged by the district administrator as having done a great job in keeping the large family of sportsmen and women in the ATS together time and again. District administrator sollner: "here, sports rich in tradition are practiced and as far as the effect on the environment is concerned, excellent work is done at the ATS. Especially the great successes of the football team in the early days are unforgettable."

At the moment the fubballers are back in the auind and the championship is almost not to be taken away from the ATS in the district league, so the district administrator. Also the triathlon radiates from event uber den landkreis hinaus. District administrator sollner: "with its incredible youth work, the ATS contributes to enriching sports life in the city and the district. The county has a heart for sports and we will continue to support the ATS at major events. The rough sports family of the ATS is an important sow of sports in the county." City councilor horst zahr (CSU) brought the pit of the prevented oberburg mayor henry schramm and emphasized that the city is very proud of the great successes of the ATS athletes.