Kovac happy about bayern avoiding embarrassment in drochtersen

Kovac happy about bayern avoiding embarrassment in drochtersen

After the almost embarrassment of the rough FC bayern at the village club SV drochtersen/assel put niko kovac the finger in the wound: "that was a game, as it happens in the cup, as we wanted to have but actually not. We were slow to act today."

"It took a long time to get from the top to the bottom," criticized the coach of germany’s record soccer champion munich, who is used to success, after the 1-0 (0-0) cup victory at the northern regional league team, which held out valiantly. The latter’s midfielder jasper gooben was still taunting after the rough fight of the "drosseln" against the top favorite. "Unbelievable: today every one of us kept up with the world class players of the bavarians. We were ebenburtig."

What cup winners eintracht frankfurt failed to do in the supercup (0:5) and hamburger sv (1:4) in a test match last week, the eleven of the four-division club, made up among others of craftsmen, salesmen and students, made clear: on a weak day even the bavarians are vulnerable. And was florian nagel (33. Minute) in what was for a long time the best chance of the match, not a free-standing shot by manuel neuer, the unthinkable could have become reality. "After 15 or 20 minutes, you could see that the team believed in the sensation," said coach lars uder, who is a teacher full-time.

Instead, robert lewandowski (81.) with one of the few good gaste actions shortly before the end to the place and dear kovac breathe a sigh of relief. "At the score of 0:0 you can never be sure of your cause. We had a lot of pressure in the second half, but I was delighted that it was finally 1-0," the ex-professional admitted.

Club boss uli hoeneb spoke on sunday in the sky broadcast "wontorra – der fubball-talk" of a typical cup match and believes that newer& co. Mentally already at the bundesliga-start were. "Our players made sure that no one got hurt," said the 66-year-old, looking ahead to friday’s match against hoffenheim.

Then the munchnern is probably also national player jerĂ´me boateng at the disposal. Kovac expects the central defender, who is being courted by paris saint-germain, to stay with the bavarians. "There are still a few days until the end of the transfer period. But as of today, I assume that nothing will happen to him," said kovac. Hoeneb rated the chances for both clubs on sky at 50:50, but the fact that kovac used boateng in the cup can be interpreted as a sign that the 29-year-old will stay on.

Boateng’s teammate sebastian rudy, who is in talks with RB leipzig and schalke 04, wasn’t even in the squad. Kovac explained this with an oversupply of midfield players. Hoeneb makes a change dependent on the lottery ticket: "15 million euros are not enough!"

Kovac paid rough praise to the valiant loser, who is currently second in the regional league north, and also trusts him with continued success. "You have given us a great fight with rough passion. Maybe you will get into the 3. League," said the croatian ex-national player with a laugh. The team from lower saxony at least scored one success – a warm shower of money. "We haven’t done the math yet, but we think we’ll get 150,000 to 200,000 euros," says club boss rigo gooben. And added: "a rough part of our annual budget will be covered in any case!"