Ideas for the new castle in kups

Ideas for the new castle in kups

It is a novelty! The "vacation committee" met for the first time on tuesday evening due to the corona crisis the market community. This means that instead of 20, only eight of the elected members made decisions on the scheduled agenda items.

The municipality is spending around 100,000 euros on a feasibility study for the "new castle" area from. 90 percent of the costs will be borne by the state office for the preservation of historical monuments. As mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) explained, this study will examine, among other things, the architecture, the building physics, the statics, and the historical structure of the building, develop ideas for the use of the chapel and the hunting hall, and work with the owners to develop a concept tailored to the new castle to better integrate the building into the local culture. Furthermore, there are also proposals for the use of the garden plateau for public events and for the two towers on the castle grounds.

Flat for events

A basic decision was made on the further use of the "am plan 2" building met in kups. As mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) explained, the administration is considering using the area in front of the "rear castle" for the property in the future for various events such as summer cinema, christmas market, etc. To use.

In addition to the creation of sufficient electricity connections, public toilets were also necessary. The architekturburo 3D has been commissioned to plan a corresponding conversion and to prepare a cost framework.

The planners see the possibility of offering the remaining rooms on the first floor in addition to the flat rooms on the first floor. The office for urban redevelopment management could be located on the upper floor, as well as the museum use of the "haus schemenau" be expanded. The total volume of the investment costs amounts to 450 000 euro and can be financed in the context of the demand offensive northeast bavaria with.

Heiko meusel () spoke of a high sum of money. He appealed to the mayor to keep this building in good condition, not least because of the "dry rot" to be examined by a building biologist. "The dry rot is the most serious wood decay!"

Ralf pohl (SPD) asked to what extent the municipality was bound to the use of the building for the purpose of receiving demand funds. The mayor explained that public use must be guaranteed. He called the property "plan 2" as a good addition to the castle. In addition, he explained that this building is not the only one in the district that is required with such a building substance. "Even if 450,000 euros is a lot of money, we have to do something", ursula eberle-berlips asked for agreement.

Apparatus car for 260000 euro

Decisions were made to purchase a logistics 2 (GWL) truck to replace the LF 8 fire fighting vehicle for around 260,000 euros. Furthermore, the fire department also receives a portable pump.

The administration was instructed to obtain corresponding offers. A subsidy of at least 38,900 euros is expected. The corresponding funds are to be allocated in the 2021 budget.

Ralf pohl asked what was the reason for the coarser solution for the purchase of the GWL. Mayor bernd rebhan reported on discussions with the fire department. Furthermore, he pointed out that the GWL has, among other things, a coarser loading capacity, in addition, a crew of six people can be accommodated in the vehicle, the smaller it was only two. In addition, the coarser GWL can be used much more flexibly.

Decided by the "vacation committee" was the design of the outdoor areas at the fire station in grove with the culture house and children’s playground. The cost estimates are around 55 000 euro.

The concept is not so conclusive, said ralf pohl. In the future, more details should be clarified, such as which tasks will be outsourced, which work will be performed by the company itself, and what will be done by the building yard.

Gerhard sesselmann () explained that the gravel paths and paving work on the access roads was done by club members. The mayor pointed out that the distribution of tasks has been clarified and that the costs will therefore be minimized. The playground equipment was fixed by the building yard.

From the municipal council

Broadband expansion mayor rebhan informed that the market has received the grant for investment acceptance for the broadband expansion of a fiber optic network in the viehgasse and frankenstrabe in kups-east. It concerns 17 house connections. The contract was awarded to thuga smartservice gmbh at a bid price of 191,143 euros. Thereby there is a subsidy from the state of bavaria in the amount of 172 028 euro.

Mayor bernd rebhan announced the decisions from the last non-public meeting. Accordingly, the planning services for the redevelopment of the local street "melanger and the associated renovation of the water and sewer lines was awarded to the IVS kronach engineering firm for 142,000 euros. Furthermore, the planning for the flood protection johannisthal was awarded to the bad stebener buro kohler for 34,000 euros. In addition, the sale of the burkersdorf fire station to the highest bidder for 30,000 euros was approved.

Building applications for the following projects were approved by the municipality: replacement kindergarten st.-jakobi-strolche in kups, am hirtengraben; new construction of a single-family house with two parking spaces, kups, leitenweg 2.