Herzogenaurach pilgrimage to veitsbronn

The shortest pilgrimage of the herzogenaurach catholics took place again this year on ascension day to veitsbronn. The unusual thing is that a protestant church is the destination of a catholic pilgrimage.
This pilgrimage has a long tradition. Because veitsbronn originally belonged to the parish of herzogenaurach and only adopted the protestant confession in 1529. When the inhabitants had become evangelical, they tried to remove their statue of the mother of god in their church along with the veneration of the saints, so the saying goes. They brought their picture to herzogenaurach during the night and placed it on the stone bridge with the words that it should guard the houses of the herzogenaurach burghers. But, oh miracle, the next morning the mother of god was again standing on her side altar in the veitsbronn church. It often happened that the same game was played during the night, but always the statue was soon in its old ancestral place. Since that time the veitsbronn again cling to their miraculous image of the mother of god.

Legendary statue

Another version of the tale is told in veitsbronn. After that a swedish colonel loved to remove the statue from the church during the 30 years war. The next day she stood on the altar again. In anger, he cut off her head with a sword. Head and torso were moved to different places. The next day the statue of mary was back on the altar. The sword stroke could still be recognized as a near miss.
On ascension day, the faithful set out to visit the church in veitsbronn. The pilgrimage started at 12.30 o’clock at st. Otto, the fub pilgrims set off from burgstall at 1 p.M. The prayer and song texts were recited by susanne beierl and helmut muller. Shortly after 14.30 o’clock, the fub pilgrims reached the church in veitsbronn, where a devotion was held.
After the service, organizer susanne beierl thanked the protestant congregation for their hospitality before the pilgrims went to the catholic church of st. John.-the next day, she stood on the altar again and went to the church of the holy spirit to celebrate mass with chaplain sebastian schiller before returning to herzogenaurach after a short break. Maw