Habfurt sees a day on jerusalem

Three world religions, two societies, modernity and tradition. There is probably no other city in the world where so many opposites meet. This is jerusalem. And jerusalem is in the spotlight for 24 hours in the habfurt knight’s chapel at a documentary from monday, 10. July, until tuesday, 11. July. It gives a fascinating insight into the holy city of jews, christians and muslims for a total of 1440 minutes from 8 to 8 p.M.

Start is on monday at 19.30 o’clock with an introduction by markus fastenmeier. The community advisor, mainly responsible for the so far unique project in this form, closes the event within the framework of the "heavenly landscapes" the knight’s chapel then with a multi-faith prayer under the theme "living peace on tuesday evening at 20.3 p.M. With a subsequent opportunity for a meeting.
Arieh rodolph, chairman of the israelitische kultusgemeinde bamberg, as well as mehmet cetindere, chairman of the muslimische gemeinde bamberg, will be present. Both also regularly organize multi-religious prayers in bamberg, coburg and lichtenfels, for example.

Fastenmeier had the idea two years ago, when he responded to the documentary "24 hours of jerusalem" from 2014 has been removed. Responsible for this tv documentary is director volker heise and his production company, who recently also produced "24 hours of bavaria – a piece of home" for a positive echo provided. "I think it’s just great the way life in jerusalem is portrayed", says the habfurt religious padagogue and refers to the "strong jewish past" in the county town. In addition there is in the parish hall of the circle city for a long time the friday prayer of the muslim mitburger. This raised the question for him: "why not do something like this for once??"

"A loose come and go"

Markus fastenmeier does not expect the visitors to watch "24 hours of jerusalem" from start to finish follow on the big screen. Rather, he hopes for "a loose come and go". The interested should simply during their stay "impressions and insights of this fascinating city and its people" get.

He himself wants to be there most of the time and "also take the night shift ubernehmen", laughs the 37-year-old. Fastenmeier has already made contact with the schools and the religion teachers. He is happy "when some of the classes just drop by for an hour," laughs the 37-year-old.
For guests who stay in the house of god in the night hours, there is meanwhile also coffee against the mudigkeit.