Great-grandson is her pride and joy

"He's my favorite, says erna schmidt as she looks at her great-grandson leon, who is sitting in the circle. At their 75. On her 60th birthday, the jubilarian is in good health and still passionately tends her coarse vegetable garden. "It's part of my life, i can't imagine being without him." And points to last year's harvest: 164 glaser mixed pickles after home recipe and over 100 jars of jam. "All organic", she laughs.
Born in nenntmannsreuth and raised in a farming family with nine siblings, work was a matter of course for them from childhood onwards. Later she worked as a domestic worker for the former metzeler company in neuenmarkt.
After her marriage in waldau, erna schmidt made a name for herself there by taking care of the war memorial. "It was as if it belonged to me during these 40 years", she says. The women's regulars' table at dorirtshaus fuchs is a firm fixture in the annual schedule. "The oldest is 94 years old, I still have a long way to go", laughs the jubilarian.
Congratulations were also extended by the two children and three grandchildren, as well as mayor harald hubner and pastor johannes feldhauser.