Fire at bamberger anchor center: investigators puzzle over cause of fire

The officials have not been able to pinpoint the source of the fire either.

"Due to the high degree of destruction, the investigation is difficult. In addition, further interrogations of witnesses are necessary, which must be carried out largely with interpreters", alexander czech, spokesman for the police prasidium of upper franconia, reports on request. The police again emphasize: "according to the current state of the investigation, there are no indications of a politically motivated background or influence of pigeons for the fire."

The site of the fire has not yet been released due to the ongoing investigation. Further details will not be disclosed for investigative reasons.

The fire at the end of september caused damage of around two million euros; no one was injured.

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The government of upper franconia, the operator of the anchor center, is awaiting the investigations before deciding on the future of the building. "No measures will be taken with regard to the building before it is released", reports press spokesman jakob daubner.

Is renovation worthwhile? Must the building be demolished? Should a new building be built? "Only after the release and intensive examination by the state building authority of bamberg, these questions can be answered", answers the government.

Procedure in the event of a serious incident

In response to the fire, the existing fire safety measures were re-evaluated. "This is done regularly with all rescue organizations, as fire protection is an important component of the safety concept", reports daubner. Because the fire had broken out somewhere in the attic, but the accesses to the corridor running over three row houses should always be closed, they are now being checked: "now the closed accesses to the attic are being checked several times a day", writes daubner in reference to the other former barracks buildings of the anchor center.

How far have plans progressed to remove buildings from the anchor center and make them available to the city of bamberg?? "There was a discussion between the city of bamberg, the bavarian minister of the interior joachim herrmann and the president of the government of upper franconia heidrun piwernetz", the government responds to a question. In view of the current refugee situation, minister of the interior herrmann announced that he would discuss further bamberg "building requests" in january 2019 talking on the land of the anchor institution.

Further reports daubner: "if the influx of new refugees continues to be rapid over the next few months, one or two of the accommodation buildings currently held in reserve could possibly be released for residential use."