Fight and dance on the stage

Fight and dance on the stage

Before the triumvirate of the lufos opened the butten evenings, they first had to "drain the water". What problems can arise at the piss basin, if you want to smoke a cigarette and drink a beer at the same time, demonstrated the three in the usual humorous way. With mutual help the problem was solved quickly.

As every year, the big and small dance girls of the lufos, the ingwaonen, as the members of the lufos are called, opened with an impressive dance.

This year hansl (hans prasser) did not tinker with birdhouses, but described his single existence in his butt speech. Even a casting with various ladies unfortunately did not bring the hoped-for success.
Afterwards the audience was transported into the wonderful world of shadows.

The youngest and the proudest of the club showed their skills under the direction of brigitte schmidt and carried away the visitors into the colorful fairy tale world of maya the bee and her friends.

Superstar casting on the stage

Another highlight was the performance of "herzblatt", where this time the "superstar from ludscht" was sought was searched for. The contestants shone with their vocal performances and, with the exception of one contestant, made it into the recall. Colorful and spooky was the appearance of the ottendorfer with a performance under the motto "curse of the caribbean".

In his speech lukas kappe told about the difficulties to find the right carnival costume. Also some personalities and events from ludscht were ironically taken under the magnifying glass in his butt speech.

At the end of the first part of the "buttenabende" the audience was transported into the world of the 60s. Obviously under the influence of some not quite legal herbs and colorful the group of brigitte schmidt presented the lifestyle of the hippies.

Hermine (evi heyder) and the quitsche (ines wohlfahrt) started the second part of the "buttenabende" with a dialect. Dazzled by the sunshine and the figure-hugging costumes, the audience was impressed by the second-best manner formation of western upper franconia. Under the direction of silke conrad, the male ballet showed its inexhaustible talent.

Tinder candles and driving test

Afterwards luisa kappe described in her amusing "buttenrede" thoughts and experiences before and during the driving test. She has now understood that tinder candles should not be lit. Her dancing skills were once again demonstrated by "lady league with their glamouros burlesque show. In the following sketch eva jahn and dieter bar held interesting sandbox talks and gabbled interesting things from the almost perfect world of children. For example, the person sitting next to him at the bank has ten mistakes just like him, which is of course due to the fact that they had the same teachers.

Illusionistic and impressive, nils conrad and his group's performance was reminiscent of the sports of the olympic games. A high point of the butten evenings was once again the butten speech by brother barnabas (marc bayerlein). He made critical remarks about what was going on in the city, shook hands with the people in charge and fellow burghers of ludwigsstadt, and again handed out targeted whistles.

No expense or effort was spared by the lufos in the staging of the final image "sister act. The heart of the lufos transported the visitors of the hermann-sollner-hall to the nunnery, enchanted them with modern gospel music and proved their dancing and acting skills. The joyful musical thrilled the audience with driving choreographies, a colorful stage set, lots of comedy as well as great songs.

All actors and groups were welcomed by hans-kasper (elias koch), who therefore had to walk some kilometers during the two evenings, and accompanied by music over the rough show stairs onto the stage.

Finally, brau, andy and marc thanked the host for the excellent hospitality and the many helpers, guests and friends who contributed to the success of the two great butte evenings. All participants thanked the loyal audience with the lufo hymn "lufos sind wir" ("lufos are us")!"

Special praise was given to the band "oldie mix", the sixth time already, the band framed the two evenings musically and then played skillfully and variedly until the early morning for the numerous visitors to dance.