Festival of lights with esprit

The event in eyrichshof castle may have been scheduled a little early, at a time when people are still longing for summer and warm sunshine rather than the advent season: but once the visitor enters the magnificently decorated castle grounds, he cannot escape all the temptations and sensory impressions for long.

He is quickly captured by a fulle of unconventional and stylish offers, seductive scents and visual stimuli. More than 100 exhibitors, a cleverly arranged side program and, above all, the spectacular light installations by susanne memmert and norbert E. Wirner develop magical attraction after nightfall. On the south facade of the palace, the light artists project an impressive music clip to mozart's "turkish march" using sophisticated computer, light and sound technology, a fascinating arch of images that blurs the courtly past and high tech in XXL format for minutes to a heartwarming whole. This is how amadeus still rocks a complete castle and its guests today!

When you leave the castle grounds, it becomes clear that it is "wintertime" time seems to fade away for a moment, for a blink of an eye that can nevertheless be enchanting.