Ebersdorf defies the crisis

The municipality of ebersdorf has so far got off lightly with its 2020 budget in view of the corona crisis. This was the conclusion of the interim report by chamberlain tom schultheib on the handling of the budget year at the most recent meeting of the municipal council.

Risks remain

One of the main sources of revenue, income tax participation, is only 168,000 euros short of the three million euro estimate. Although a recovery can be expected in the third and fourth quarters due to the easing of restrictions, any relapse would increase the risk of deterioration, the chamberer predicted.

One million euros missing

However, the situation is not so rosy for the municipality’s main source of income: trade tax. "We take in about one million euros less", said burgermeister bernd reisenweber (BG). With a budget of 3.5 million euros, the current appropriation target is 2.6 million euros.

Reliant on help

The chamber hopes that the federal government and the state will half-refund the municipalities’ trade tax shortfalls. "But this ray of hope must now soon reach the municipalities", said schultheib. Further aid was also needed, in particular the continuation of the demand programs for municipal investments. On the positive side, property tax B is on the rise. Here, the target is 55,000 euro higher than the estimate of 772,000 euro.

Schultheib was unable to give a definitive prognosis on tree removals, as rough tree removals had not yet been started in some cases, or could not be started.

The chamberlain’s conclusion was that he considered a supplementary budget possible for 2020, depending in particular on the announced state aid and the infectious event.