Drinking water supply triebenreuth: can springs be preserved??

Drinking water supply triebenreuth: can springs be preserved??

Bringing drinking water from stadtsteinach to the districts of triebenreuth, schwarzleinsdorf, vogtendorf and bergleshof with a milk truck because the springs there do not supply water – this situation occurred several times in the heiben summer of 2018, and it should not be repeated if at all possible. For this reason, the city is striving for a solution that ensures a year-round supply to meet the needs of the population.

At a teilburgerversammlung in triebenreuth, the possible mabnahmen were recently discussed. Christian heib from the IBP engineering office now presented the four possible variants of the future water supply to the city council in detail, of which only two promise long-term security of supply and can be demanded financially.

Variant one would be an expansion of the existing wells with construction of a pumping station in triebenreuth. Whether the amount of water will then be sufficient, however, is questionable. The cost of 1.1 million euros was not acceptable, nor was the 1.3 million euro option two: a central high reservoir at the highest point, fed from all sources, but which could lead to hygienic problems due to the long standing time of the water.

For a reliable supply, water had to be pumped from stadtsteinach to the higher-lying parts of the village and distributed there via a central elevated tank. The water in stadtsteinach comes from its own sources and, if necessary, from the upper franconia water supply company. This variant is favored by the IBP experts as well as the water management office.

700000 euro claim

At a cost of 1.6 million euros, the city could expect a claim of 700,000 euros. The same amount of money could be used for variant four, which would additionally preserve and use the city’s own sources. There were no grants for the additional costs of around 400,000 euros.

In the next step, the city council will have an expert opinion drawn up as to whether the wells in the local areas are structured in such a way that they could be used for a long time. On this basis, a decision is to be made at the next city council meeting. The council is considering variants three and four. "If it can be financed, the citizens of burgenland would like to see variant four with "preservation of their own wells, said the triebenreuth local spokesman stephan seifert.

Thanks to a new bavarian demand program, which runs until 2021, the town wants to tackle even more important tasks. Stadtsteinach has invested within its financial means in recent years not only in the water but also in the wastewater sector. However, the water right for the clear plant from the 1980s is now expiring and will not be extended in its current state. The engineering office has calculated an investment requirement of around 2.25 million euros, 750,000 euros demand was conceivable. Here, too, the office is to determine and calculate in detail the necessary measurements.The city council will then decide on this basis.