Dog attack in lower franconia: two injured

Dog attack in Lower Franconia: two injured

While walking her dog, a 43-year-old woman was attacked by a strange dog in gemunden am main on saturday evening. This is what the police said.

According to police, the woman was walking her leashed dog on friedensstrabe around 6 p.M. When a man, also with a leashed dog, came toward her about 40 meters away. The woman’s dog barked at the oncoming dog.

The dog owner continued to run into the city while the woman turned into bruckleinsweg. When the man was finally out of sight, his dog came running up. He broke loose from the dog owner’s leash, lunged at the woman’s dog and bit into it.

Trying to separate the two animals, the woman was also bitten several times. By her cries for help, the dog owner finally came back and managed to separate the two dogs.

The attacked dog suffered several coarse bite wounds as a result of the attack and had to be operated on in a veterinary hospital in wurzburg. The woman was injured on both hands and also had to be treated by a doctor.

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