Discount at nike: 25 percent off all items with this discount code

Discount at nike: 25 percent off all items with this discount code

Even if there is no prospect of gyms opening yet, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up exercise. On the contrary, many people have only just started jogging or doing their daily home workout because of the crisis.

However, not everyone is perfectly equipped. If you don’t have any suitable running shoes yet or are looking for sportswear, you should strike now, because the sporting goods manufacturer nike is currently offering a 25 percent discount on its articles*. We have the right discount code for you.

Discount code at nike: buy now

If you currently order online at nike*, you can use the discount code "SPRING25 at the checkout 25 percent discount on your entire purchase. But beware: the code is not valid for products that are already reduced.

Snapshot at nike: 25 percent discount

As a balance to the oden everyday life full of output constraints many people have started with the sport. At the forefront is the jogging and workouts. For this, however, you not only need stamina, but also the right shoe. Nike has a huge selection of sports shoes. We have selected some models for you.

For example, the fashionable black running shoe "renew" is particularly good value for money from nike for only 85 euro. With the discount code "SPRING25" the price even drops to 63,75 euro. The sports shoe has good grip and offers sufficient stability for daily home workouts.

Bargain: nike renew fusion for 85€ – 25% discount

For the joggers we recommend the "nike downshifter 10". A lightweight shoe with a cushioned sole to cushion and steam your steps accordingly. With a price of only 60 euros, it is also very affordable. The discount code lowers the price further to only 45 euro.

Snapshot: nike downshifter 10 for 60€ – 25% discount

Often underestimated, but also important: the right top for sports. The "nike dri-FIT acadamy" the structure of the top makes it comfortable to wear. Due to the type of fabric used, the air can circulate sufficiently and the T-shirt does not stick to the sweaty skin. The price is 20 euros or. 15 euro with discount code.

Snapshot: nike dri-FIT academy 20€ – 25% discount

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