Conservationists criticize shortcut

"It is possible to talk about a slight change in the forest rates. But we see this radical cut as a scandal", said BN state representative richard mergner on thursday in kempten.
If the cabinet resolution is not changed, there is a danger that the goals of the bavarian state government’s energy concept will not be achieved. According to the BN, these plans also provide for a fourfold increase in solar power by 2021. "If horst seehofer wants to drive forward the energy transition in bavaria, he must finally make it a top priority." The BN expects the prime minister to veto the shortcut.
On wednesday, the federal government had announced a drastic reduction in the billion-euro solar requirement as early as 9. Marz decided. Plans call for a reduction of 20 to nearly 30 percent, depending on the photovoltaic installation. The systems mounted on the roofs receive higher subsidies than the large-scale systems in the fields. CSU leader seehofer had already announced that, in contrast to the berlin decision, he expected a longer transitional period for newly planned plants.
Conservationists see great potential in solar energy. It is important for those who want to invest to have a reliable timetable for making a claim. In addition, the BN demands that the municipalities set an example. "As long as there is not a solar system on the roof of every kindergarten and every school, we have by no means achieved everything", said mergner.