Butchers declare their support for the kronach slaughterhouse

Operations at the kronach abattoir are to continue until further notice. The local butchers who slaughter in kronach have spoken out in favor of this.

After the slaughterhouse got into trouble again (we reported), the members of the operating limited partnership asked CSU member of the state parliament jurgen baumgartner for help. He has now been summoned to a crisis meeting. "It was a very good and constructive atmosphere. The butchers answered the fundamental question of whether they wanted the abattoir with a clear ‘yes’."

Baumgartner also wants to talk to local farmers in the coming week and get a deeper insight into the figures. "I have had a superficial overview so far. What I can say, however, is that there is no reason to doubt the future viability of the kronach abattoir."

However, some operations had to change. In addition, the member of the state parliament continues to strive for a dual leadership in the management – one expert for day-to-day operations, one for accounting.

Baumgartner pays tribute to the butchers for deciding to build a slaughterhouse in kronach at the beginning of the 1990s: "at a time when this was not yet a major issue, you were already focusing on regionality." The quality of the products is excellent. How much the butchers want "their the fact that no profits were ever paid out to the members of the limited partnership is also a sign that the abattoir is close to its heart.

In the long term, however, there is no way around a new building. "The important thing is that the schlachthof is easy to reach for everyone in the area." Whether kronach will remain the location will then become clear.

Baumgartner also wants to take politics to task on the issue of regional slaughter: "the CSU will demand an active contribution from the free state and the federal government is also called upon to do its part. We want regionality and animal welfare."