Biden warns americans of 250.000 more corona deaths

Biden warns americans of 250.000 more corona deaths

U.S. President-elect joe biden has warned americans of dramatically rising death tolls in the corona pandemic and urged protective action.

"I don’t want to scare anyone, but understand the facts: we’re probably going to see another 250 between now and january.Lose 000 people," biden said wednesday (local time) at an online event with employees and small business owners. On the same day, the number of corona-infected deaths recorded in the country within 24 hours exceeded 3,000 for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

On wednesday, authorities reported 3157 deaths with confirmed coronavirus infection, according to data from johns hopkins university (JHU) in baltimore released thursday morning (CET). The highest value so far with 2607 deaths was on the 15th. April has been registered. For the second time since the pandemic began, the number of new infections reported within a day exceeded 200.000. It was at 200 on wednesday.070, just below the previous record of around 205 set last friday.000 new cases.

People were not paying attention, biden added. The spread of the virus must be contained. Biden did not specify what he based his estimate of 250,000 more deaths on. According to statistics from johns hopkins university in baltimore, the coronavirus has infected more than 270 people since the pandemic began.000 people killed in the USA. A model by researchers at the institute IHME at the university of washington in the u.S. State of the same name expects more than 502 in the event of relaxed protective measures.000 deaths by the end of january, in the case of more severe protective measures with more than 367.000. This model has also been invoked several times in the past by the white house.

CDC health department chief robert redfield said at a U.S. Chamber of commerce event on wednesday, "unfortunately, I believe that before february we were in the neighborhood of 450.000 virus deaths could be."This is not a foregone conclusion, but depends on the extent to which americans adhere to protective measures. "The reality is: december and january and february are going to be tough. In fact, i think it’s going to be the most difficult times in the public health history of this nation."

Outgoing president donald trump’s office is sticking to celebrations over the christmas holiday despite the cdc warnings, as the weiben house spokeswoman made clear on wednesday. "If you can loot stores, burn down buildings and protest, you can go to a christmas party," kayleigh mcenany said at a press conference at weiben house.

Mcenany alluded to the fact that while democrats have been critical of trump’s public events in the pandemic, they have not been critical of the – largely peaceful – protests against racism and police violence. The celebrations were held responsibly and with protective measures, she stressed. Trump has repeatedly downplayed the threat posed by the virus.

The CDC strongly advises against travel and family visits around all holidays in december. "The best way to protect yourself and others is to postpone travel and stay home," CDC official henry walke said during a telephone press conference. "We need to stop this exponential growth, and that’s why we’re asking the american people to prevent infections and postpone travel."

The CDC had already strongly advised against family visits and travel for thanksgiving last week. However, many people did not comply. Thanksgiving in the U.S. Is traditionally a time when families get together in a big way, as well as big groups of friends – but christmas and other holidays in december are also a time for big gatherings.

In total, more than 13.9 million people have been infected with the corona virus in this country of around 330 million people. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 273 people have died.000 people who had contracted the sars-cov-2 pathogen. Measured in absolute numbers, that’s more than in any other country in the world.

The number of covid 19 patients treated as inpatients is also at an all-time high in the USA. According to information from the covid tracking project on wednesday evening, for the first time more than 100 people nationwide had to be.000 patients treated in the hospital. CDC chief redford also justified his urgent warning with the burden on the health care system in the u.S. States.