Bailiff shocked after mental drama

A bailiff rarely brings good news. Not even rainer franzke. The bailiff from forchheim is never greeted with exuberant joy by his "clients" buried at the door. But in the region, says the 49-year-old, the world is fortunately still in order. Nevertheless, the bailiff will be even more careful in the near future. After all, such a terrible bloodbath as happened on wednesday in karlsruhe, could also happen here in franconia.

What went through your mind when you heard about the five deaths in karlsruhe??
Franzke: grief and horror. But with us it’s not quite so bad. In the big cities of nurnberg and munich it looks different in some places. But here in forchheim it is not so bad yet. But the rougher the city, the rougher the risk. For example in berlin. It’s really brutal there in some quarters. You do not know what is behind the door. There could also be a dog.

How do you protect yourself on sensitive missions??
Then I ask the police to accompany me. I once had a forced eviction in the french part of switzerland. The debtor had two aggressive dogs. I knew that before. Since I have requested the police, and the officials have come immediately with four patrol cars. The debtor had already filed several complaints because the dogs had attacked other dogs before. So caution was the order of the day. The operation went smoothly, however, because the debtor moved out voluntarily the day before the eviction.

Something changes after karlsruhe for your work? Be even more careful?
No. But you always have to be on your guard in that job. 14 days ago a colleague also had a forced evacuation. And a locksmith was also there. Like in karlsruhe. The debtor was dead in bed. Besides the gun. So he had shot himself before. That’s bad enough. This also happens here in the french part of switzerland. He can also wait until you arrive and only then pulls out the gun. One is more careful in the next time already. In schweinfurt, i also had a violent debtor, but in my twelve years of work, nothing has happened to me personally.

Were you prepared for aggressive and brutal debtors during your two-year training??
Yes, I had among other things a close combat training. The trainer was a constable from nurnberg, who had a black belt in karate. And the other instructor was european champion in kick-boxing. This should not be brutal ruberkommen. But in case of need I could defend myself.

You still seem very sympathetic!
I am not aggressive. I try to be friendly with my customers. It does me no good to be grumpy. Most of the time I just want money. Only in quotes. You just need a fair amount of people skills.

Do you think society is becoming more brutal in general??
If you have a hard-working person, what do you want to take from his 359 euros?? Many people can’t help it if they have lost their job. And you still have to pay your bills with your hartz IV money. But still: caution is always advised. You never know what’s behind a door. Especially when it comes to evictions, we are the only ones who can do it, otherwise the landlord can’t be put back in his rightful possession, so that he has the power of disposal over the apartment again. In general, I deal with normal, decent people who, for example, suddenly become my customers after a divorce due to alimony payments.