Amazon starts up air freight center in saxony, germany

amazon starts up air freight center in saxony, germany

Internet mail order company amazon has launched its first regional airfreight center in europe at leipzig-halle airport.

Amazon air has created 200 new jobs, amazon announced on thursday. At the site, parcels are sorted and trucks and airplanes are loaded and unloaded. Two planes have been leased, adding to the existing fleet of more than 70 aircraft worldwide that are operated within amazon air’s air freight network, the company said.

Deliveries to customers have already begun at the site. Two flights a day are to be handled, amazon further announced. Amazon employs around 1500 people in leipzig. Nationwide, the company has 15 locations with 16.000 employed.

"It clearly speaks for saxony as a business location that amazon continues to invest heavily in leipzig and opens its new freight center here at the airport. This will create state-of-the-art jobs for a large number of specialists," said saxony’s minister president michael kretschmer (CDU).