Adelsdorf honors for sporting and other achievements

"The honored are role models and carry the name of the community after auben", said mayor karsten fischkal ().

Joachim sapper received as "french champion parakeet breeding" a letter of honor for special achievements. In 1985 he received two parchen budgerigars as a gift. That was the beginning of an enthusiastic zuchter life. 1988 he received a breeding permit for parakeets and parrots. From 1995 to 2006 he was "grobsittich obmann" of the IG franken, moved to coburg in 1998 and also held the office of chairman here. He has won many championship titles. Last year he became french champion in coburg. He currently keeps about 130 birds in his breeding facilities. His life danger heidi gubregen takes over the daily care of the birds and takes care of their mating.

Adelheid nehring received the honorary letter for 30 years of sporting achievements. She was a sports enthusiast even as a schoolgirl. She has long been active in the sports badge team. She always takes the sport badge "because sport simply makes me happy". This joy in sports she has also passed on to her two children and the two oldest grandchildren are also enthusiastic about it.

Werner herrmann also received an honorary certificate for special sporting achievements for the 3rd time. Place in the bavarian championship and the 4. First place at the german bowling championships. The 79-year-old started bowling at the beginning of the 1970s. First we went with friends of the "stammtisch" to the "fruhschoppenkgeln". After the bowling alleys were built in neuhaus, he was a founding member of the bowling department in 1975. Since that time he has been an active sports bowler. Partly played in the 1. Team in the district league.

Herrmann has always been a role model for the younger bowlers and he still attends every training session. It pays off: despite his advanced age, he still delivers top performance. He is gladly called "the turbo-opa" not only by his bowling brothers called. Herrmann has so far played over 900 bowling matches for TSV neuhaus. Until 2016 it was not possible to play in championships, because it was not allowed to play in bavarian and german championships. 2017 this rule was changed. At his first participation he qualified for the bavarian championships through the district and county championships. In these, he took 4th place. Place. Currently the senior bowls in the 2. Team in the district league.

The first team of TSV neuhaus with its captain sebastian kammerer and the coach thanasi chiarelli received for the promotion from the A-class in the district class the letter of honor. The decisive game was on 6. May against the mit-aufsteiger aus buckenhofen. The neuhauser had to get three points and the pautzfelder sitting in their neck had lost. "Luckily, it’s the winter break at the moment, because such a year of promotion takes its toll on everyone’s strength, according to the trainer. "In the end, we had a lot of injured players in the defense, which of course makes the training participation dwindle. We are still satisfied."