About the life and work of the jewish poet hilde domin

about the life and work of the jewish poet hilde domin

The claim association former synagogue kitzingen invites on wednesday, 16. October, 19.30 p.M., to a lecture on the poet hilde domin (1909-2006) in the old synagogue. The speaker is safeta obhodjas, of bosnian muslim origin and resident in wuppertal for many years.

The lecture accompanies hilde domin, a jewish poet of the german language of the 20th century. The preview of the synagogue association will be devoted to the life and work of the nineteenth-century jewish lyricist hilde domin, on her more or less lonely journeys between the continents, in the turbulent times before and after the war. Domin grew up well cared for in colonia. Other stations in her life were: rome, where she lived with her future husband as an ambitious student in the 1930s; immediately afterwards, she traveled through england and canada as a displaced person, ending up as an exile in the dominican republic in 1941. There, just over forty, she discovered sealing as a valve for her loneliness. She and her husband only found a quiet home in heidelberg in 1961.

Nevertheless, she continued to travel several continents as a poet – and peacemaker – with her suitcases filled with poems.

Some poems by domin are read aloud, for example: graue zeiten, baue mir ein haus, ziehende landschaft, sisyphus.