A new building for the youth in seinsheim

A new building for the youth in seinsheim

Until now, the youth of seinsheim has resided in one of the church’s storeys. In the winter, however, this is not possible, so the young people are looking for a new domicile. The municipal council now wants to achieve this.

At monday’s town council meeting, which was also attended by julius merkert and moritz gimperlein as representatives of the youth, the council paved the way for the project. On a small plot of land near the landscape lake the building is to be erected – similar to the sports field house.

35 to 36 square meters of space for youth, plus sanitary and storage facilities. The youth representatives were more than in agreement. The council wanted the roof slope to be around 20 degrees, if possible, so that a ceiling would not be necessary.

The committee around mayor heinz dorsch was unanimous for this solution. Now the planning is commissioned.

Wet wipes clog rain overflow

Mechanical cleaning systems are being installed in the rainwater overflow structures in iffigheim and tiefenstockheim not as a result of planning, but due to necessity. Among other things, the pumps were clogged because of damp cloths. The cost of the new facilities is over 1,000,000 euros. The municipal council approved the awarding of the contract.

The municipality of seinsheim and the municipality of martinsheim will transfer the surplus of the bus line, 2915.87 euros each, to the generationenbusverein as a donation. The municipality will also pay around 1890 euros for fly screens on the kindergarten.

Community asks who has animals or wells

Due to the changeover to separate wastewater charges from 1. January 2020 there is now a questionnaire from the municipality. It asks about animal husbandry or the existence of wells and cisterns. The municipality wants to obtain data to be able to calculate the wastewater fee correctly.