A lot of information, but only a mabige resonance with the regional day

The timing of this year’s regional day in oberbach was extremely unfavorable, as there were a lot of events in the district of bad kissingen as well as in rhon-grabfeld. The number of visitors to the "haus der schwarzen berge" was insignificant.

Kurt kregler, MTB guide of the kreuzbergallianz, offered a guided tour into the black mountains. From oberbach, the tour continued in the direction of guckaspass and kissinger hutte, then on to platze kuppe and wurzburger haus. The tour covered 32 kilometers and 800 meters of altitude. "It was a great tour that was very well received", however, kregler regretted that there were not more participants.

For the first time the kreuzbergallianz presented itself with its new information stand, combined with a regional council and information about their work. The other exhibitors were also disappointed by the low level of interest in presenting their products and services.
Pomologist jan bade from niederkaufungen is also used to a large crowd when it comes to identifying fruit varieties. "People usually queue up, here is nothing going on today." On the other hand, it was also due to the fact that there were not many apples this year.

Nevertheless, the pomologist was pleased: "a pear variety – a real rarity – was there." And then there was the "murschter apple", which will now be included in the federal list of varieties.
As jan bode explained, committed fruit tree enthusiasts from all over germany have been working for three and a half years to create a gene database for fruit trees in order to preserve the genetic heritage of old fruit varieties and to propagate them in a targeted manner. The aim is to make the knowledge of the varieties publicly available in order to cultivate as many of the old rarities as possible in the future.

The murschter apple variety is a typical variety of the region, which also appealed to the artists on the day of the region, some apple portraits were created during the event. Apples were also part of the parsley smoothie that antje schwanke kept mixing throughout the day.
Claus schenk was happy to inform about the benefits for the human organism and the concentrated vitamins and minerals that such a drink brings with it.

In keeping with the autumnal season, otmar diez from sulzthal focused on mushrooms. In the forest fresh mushrooms were searched for, which were then examined and explained in detail.

Also, around the house of the black mountains there were various artisans and direct marketers who invited to tastings, talks and exchange of experiences.