19 Straight a’s graduate from flsh in gaibach

"The last few weeks before the exams were stressful", looks back sophie dotzel (lindach). Together with lisa friedmann (gerolzhofen), the 18-year-old achieved the best high school graduation result with an average of 1.2. "Our teachers took away our fear in all cases", sophie remembers the upcoming nervousness. While the girl from lindach will start studying economics in wurzburg, lisa first wants to spend a year abroad as an au pair in spain.

Unforgettable memories
Michael kroll's strong points are the languages. The 19-year-old from sommerach achieved the third-best school result with a grade point average of 1.3, together with sulzheim's eva-marie geck (18). Michael has his eye on a degree in international business administration. "Whether admission to this degree program works out depends on the application process", hopes michael, who spends his free time as a hobby racer chasing through the curves in a kart.

Michael and eva-marie, for whom the graduation trip to rome will remain unforgettable, received their certificates from principal wolfgang kremer and upper school supervisor bernhard seibinger together with the other graduates. "Wisdom is not the result of schooling, but of a lifelong attempt to acquire it", kremer quoted albert einstein and drew a bow from school to the "after".

When it comes to warming up for the future, eva-marie is first of all focusing on a vacation. She is going on a cruise with her parents and is planning a city tour of germany with friends. Sophie dotzel already has her vacation behind her. She used the days before the oral exam for a cruise in the eastern mediterranean sea.